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Female Prostate vs G Spot

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from people curious about the anatomical position of the female prostate and whether it is in a similar location to where the female G spot is thought to be.  It’s still not clear whether or not there is any correlation between female prostatic tissue and the G spot. The amount of tissue present in the female prostate is also thought to be highly variable between women (see this paper for more information), which only complicates the issue further. What is clear is that female ejaculate collected, from the urethras in women who report ejaculating, is prostate specific antigen (PSA) positive which is normally found in men. This is the same PSA that when elevated is used as a screen for prostate cancer in men. In this visual representation (which is adapted from the images produced through both ultrasound and MRI of women who report ejaculating)  the purported female prostate is made to be more prominent to help localize its position vis a vis the G spot.

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And the 2011 grange prize goes to… gauri gill

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Photo of the Week

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Ad of the Week

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Female Prostate or G-Spot?

This is an perineal ultrasound image of what is purported to be the female prostate from a paper by Wimpissinger et al., 2007. The labeling is as follows: B: bladder, U:urethra, P:prostate, V:vagina.

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Things aren’t always as they appear…

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10 Crazy Sex Facts as chosen by Cosmo

Head over to see what Cosmo picked as the 10 “crazy” sex facts from How Sex Works. My favorite was number 1 on their list:

“1. Humans aren’t the only ones who perform oral sex. Cheetahs, hyenas, and goats all go down.”

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BookPopMatters Review

Just got a review from PopMatters:

“…an award-winning neurogeneticist and evolutionary biologist with a PhD in human physiology to boot, Moalem writes about intercourse and sexuality in a candid, inviting way for a change, bridging the gap between the scientist and the layperson, reinvigorating the learning process (and the bedroom) once again.”


“In short, a fun, entertaining, and informative read that keenly observes and successfully outlines the frequent patterns of our sexual behavior, How Sex Works is a great primer for those who are just discovering sex as well as people who have been around the proverbial block a few times.”

Go here for the full review.

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How Sex Works on Good Morning America

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“How Sex Works” at the Huffington Post


Head over to the Huffington Post to read my latest article.

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